Ad Astra: plot, first image of Brad Pitt and release date

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Ad Astra: plot, first image of Brad Pitt and release date

Among the most anticipated Hollywood science fiction blockbusters of 2019 is undoubtedly Ad Astra, a $ 50 million budget film written – along with Ethan Gross – and directed by James Gray (Lost Civilization) that will feature Brad Pitt (Bastardi without glory).

This is the official plot:

Army engineer Roy McBride (Pitt) embarks on a mission through the galaxy to find out the truth about his father, Ad Astra full movie who disappeared into space 20 years earlier while looking for signs of alien life. Although everyone considers him dead, new evidence suggests that Roy’s father may still be alive, hidden in an abandoned power plant on a distant planet – and that it could potentially pose a dangerous threat to the entire universe.

The cast also includes Tommy Lee Jones (Men in black), Ruth Negga (Preacher), Donald Sutherland (Hunger Games) and Jamie Kennedy (The Mask 2).

James Gray compared the story of Ad Astra to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, also hinting that he wanted to include “the most realistic representation of space travel that has ever been included in a feature film, leading the viewer to exclaim:” Space is terribly hostile for us’ “.

Waiting for the first trailer, here below the only image leaked to today of Ad Astra, which will be released in our cinemas on May 23rd:

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